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Stacy Priddy Properties

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My reputation, innovative marketing, and vast network of contacts guarantees exposure of your property to the greatest number of qualified buyers.  My experience and expertise allows us to accurately price your home, which results in the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. I continually strive to improve both skills and market knowledge, which is proven by my successes within the marketplace.


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Our Marketing Strategy

Why list your home with me?

  • All of our listings can be viewed 24/7 on our easy-to-use website, which receives more unique viewers every month, allowing our properties to receive maximum exposure on the Internet.

  • Daily email alerts to potential buyers; new listing announcements mailed to homes in your immediate area; open houses for both brokerages and the general public; recognizable Berkshire Hathaway signage; all properties posted on the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Virginia; affiliate membership of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World; properties promoted in local, regional, and national media outlets

  • A professional in-house Marketing Department that allows us to market and move homes with impressive efficiency and effectiveness

  • My continued effort to stay on the cutting edge of marketing technology.

How Much is Your Home Worth?

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Important Questions to Consider Before You Sell Your Home:

  • Are you looking to sell now or in the near future?  If so, the first and most important factor to get a grasp of before deciding to put your home on the market is, “What will you net from a sale today?”

  • In today’s market there are dozens of factors that affect both what your home will sell for today and how long it will take.

  • Have you done any upgrades?

  • Is your home in better condition than those around you?

  • Are your mortgage balances close to the value of your home?

  • How long will it take to sell your home based on competing properties?

  • These are just a sample of the type of questions you need to understand before getting an accurate home value estimation.  I will provide you a complete and thorough analysis of what it would take to sell your home in your given time frame and tell you at what value.

Recent Sales

My Recent Sales

I will sell your house - FAST!

How to Sell Your Home

3 Steps for a Faster, More Profitable Sale

3 Steps for a Faster, More Profitable Sale

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best real estate agent in spotsylvania, va
best realtor in fredericksburg, va


Get Your House Ready to Sell

  • When considering how to sell your house, start by identifying and completing any repairs your property may need.  The buyer will most likely hire a professional inspector to inspect you property for damages and potential problems.  Identifying problem areas and recommending fixes based on your financial goals is part of Stacy’s listing responsibilities.

  • Evaluate whether or not your home needs updating to receive a good offer.  Stacy can help you look at other homes in your neighborhood.  If all the current listings or recently sold listings have granite countertops, solid wood floors, and other current updates, it will be in your best interest to add those things to your home as well.  If other homes on the market are offering upgrades while yours does not, the chances are high that your home will be on the market for a while and eventually receive offers much lower than you prefer.  For the best results, meet with Stacy to get advice on which upgrades will have the best impact.

  • Make it look new.  Throughout the years your home has taken a good amount of abuse and the goal is to take out the wear and tear make it look fresh again.  This involves touching up the paint, shampooing carpets, touching up baseboards, adding fresh mulch, trimming bushes and general cleaning every room in the house.  Stacy can help you re-invigorate your home affordably and, if needed, provide a professional stager to help arrange your home for an amazing presentation to homebuyers.


List Your House with a Realtor

  • Congratulations, you’ve already completed the first task – You found a great realtor!

  • Come up with a good list of questions for Stacy, here are some examples:

    • Do you hire a professional photographer to take pictures?

    • Do you use a professional showing service or are you responsible for coordinating all of your showings?

    • What type of lockboxes are used?

    • Do you have online reviews and a strong online presence?

    • Where are you advertising my listing and what do you offer that other agents do not?

  • Think carefully about the price that you want to list your property at.  Get comparable sold properties from me and ask my advice. The challenge is to find the right price that will sell your house fast, but not leave any money on the table.  Statistically, the longer a home is on the market, the lower the offer the seller(s) will receive.  Once your house has been on the market for a couple of months , buyers will know that you are worn down and are more desperate to get rid of your home.

  • Finally, make sure you keep your home presentable and ready for showings.  I’ve shown many homes to homebuyers over the years and I’m always surprised at how many of them are dirty and not ready to be shown when I get there.  Above all,  make sure your home smells good and is clean.  Set up the home for showing and make it feel like a home as soon as they walk in the front door.


Get Your House Sold!

  • Once you have your home listed you will start receiving offers.  It’s important to wait for the right offer.  Don’t get too excited over the first offer that comes along.  The down payment amount, loan type and pre-approval letter are very important parts of the offer.  There are a multitude of reasons why deals to fall through, including: buyers needing closing cost, buyers with limited cash in the bank, etc…  These are all things to consideration and I will assist with negotiating all of these potential issues to ensure you are receiving a strong contract that has the greatest possibility of closing within your timeframe.

  • Constant communication.  My guarantee to you is that all necessary parties involved with getting you to the table; buyer’s agent, mortgage lender, title company, appraiser, etc… are all adhering to their responsibilities to meet your goals.  We will check in with each other on a regular basis throughout this phase.

  • When you come to the table bring your photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc…), along with keys, garage door openers, appliance documentation (if applicable), repairs receipts and any other relevant items we discuss.

  • Once the buyers sign their documents, the title company will forward the docs to the lender and if everything was done properly, the loan will fund within a couple of hours and you will receive the funds from the closing.

Stacy Priddy Realtor

This is a very basic walk-through of the home selling process as a reference – not all inclusive.  I will be able to help you navigate the process with confidence, and will get the best price for your home within the least amount of time on the market.


I’m here to help you start your journey!



Get Your House Ready to Sell


List Your House with a Realtor


Get Your House Sold!

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How to Sell Your Home
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